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April 2016

Nook lovers rejoice!

Halfway is now available on Barnes and Noble!  The Nook App is available for Desktop and Android devices.  Sorry Apple lovers, not available in iTunes.

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Selfie deaths and a short story

2ed77935-8179-4d2e-b343-c332c1629416I took a short break from working on book 2, thanks to a statistic on selfie related deaths and my friend Dr. Tisdon.  A conversation turned into a one page short story.  I read somewhere that there are more selfie related deaths than deaths due to shark attacks.  Most of the people fell while trying to take pictures of themselves near something scenic and a few were people posing with their loaded handgun.  My favorite, although all tragic, is the guy who tried to take a selfie with a rattlesnake.  Everyone knows snakes do not like paparazzi, especially if they have venomous fangs.  Anyway, enjoy.


Dana thought it would be cool to download the app.  “Selfie Russian Roulette”.  It’s probably nothing, just some junk files to make you think you have a new app on your phone.  Her co-worker Ty had mentioned the app in passing.

There had been a few odd deaths reported, cellphones suddenly exploding, killing the user instantly.    When you work in technology, you hear all sorts of things.  When Ty said he had found clues to find it on the dark web, she figured it would only be a matter of time before he had it.  It didn’t take long.

She laughed at him.  “You are insane.”   

Every time Ty took a selfie, he would wink at her.  It peaked her interest.  She loved a cool app just like everyone, but she got busy at work and forgot about it.

Ty had been taking selfies for weeks, his mantra after each one “See, nothing happened”.  Finally she had him install it on her phone.  What were the odds?

The news started reporting more odd deaths related to cell phones. The government tried to ease the concern, blaming it on terrorists.  

“Dont take photos” a government official declared.  

Cellphone manufactures took no responsibility in the deaths.  “Our phones are not killing anyone.” For every press conference saying phones were safe, a dozen people were killed around the world using them.

Ty and Dana got scared.   Ty had stopped taking pictures.  He said he had tried uninstall it, but it didn’t work.  Dana found an old flip phone for sale and bought it.  She could go without photos, video chat and the rest.  Picture taking was no longer appealing.  

Dana left her old smartphone on the table and went to the garage to grab a shovel. Best to bury it in the forest behind her house.   Destroying it may set off the app.  What if it exploded on impact.  

“Dana, it’s me!” her brother Marc walked in the front door.  Dana called to him from the garage. “I’ll be right there.  

Marc grabbed her and pulled her close as she came into the house.  “Say Cheese!.”  He held her old phone in his hands.




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