One of my friends who did some proofreading for me loved the dog in the book.  She told me she got a little sad when he left the house.  I think I made her cry when I told her who he was.


Charlie is/was my old dog.  He died while I was in the middle of writing Halfway so I decided to immortalize him appropriately.

He was a good dog.  He watched the front door and did a security sweeps through the house before he came to bed at night. He barked when someone came to visit.  But, like all dogs, he got old and had trouble doing his route and hopping on the bed.  He did his best to make sure he was keeping us safe.  We could tell he was getting old when he started sleeping through the doorbell ringing.

Charlie is just the same in Halfway as he was in life.  Mostly sleeping and waiting for his people to come home so he could use all of his enthusiasm just to say ‘Hey, where ya’ been?’

Thanks for proofreading Jessica and sorry I made you cry 🙂

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